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Dept. of Chemistry - University of Torino

University of Torino
The University of Torino (UniTO) is ranked as the 4th most important university in Italy, with about 70.000 students, 2.536 research staff, 1.937 administrative and technical staff, 1.800 post-graduate and post-doctoral research fellows. Scientific research and training are performed in 27 Departments, encompassing all disciplines, except Engineering and Architecture. A rich, stimulating and multidisciplinary environment and a fertile scientific humus for biomedical research are provided not only by university, but also by other local actors (hospitals, scientific parks, non-profit health research centres and research-driven biotech companies) acting in strict cooperation with university centres.
For more information see the official website (www.unito.it).

Chemistry @UniTO
Research within the Department of Chemistry at University of Torino (Chemistry@UniTO) explores a wide range of subjects related to various branches of chemistry: from the synthesis and characterization of several classes of materials (ceramic, metallic, polymeric, etc.) to the development and application of advanced analytical methods for environmental and cultural heritages determinations; from the development of new energetic technologies to the theoretical and practical study of organic and inorganic mechanisms of synthesis.
Research activities at the Department are carried out by about 100 permanent staff members and more than 250 among doctorate students and post-doctorate fellows.
Multidisciplinary research activities inside the Department of Chemistry are characterized by a dynamic fundamental research approach aimed at acquiring new knowledge of the underlying foundations of phenomena related to chemical sciences. The breadth of research activities is a notable strength of the Department of Chemistry, ensuring that competent and excellent research will be available in the diverse sub-disciplines of chemistry for future perspectives.
For more information, see the official website (www.chimica.unito.it)

Our Team
    • Maria Concetta BRUZZONITI -------------------------------- (Associate Professor)-----------mariaconcetta.bruzzoniti[at]unito.it
    • Luca RIVOIRA ---------------------------------------------------  (PhD Student)--------------------luca.rivoira[at]unito.it
    • Marta APPENDINI ---------------------------------------------- (Post Garduate Scholarship)--marta.appendini[at]unito.it 

The team has internationally recognized expertise in the development of chromatographic methods for the determination of organic and inorganic (and their speciation) species in waters and soils, as well as in the extraction/preconcentration and removal of persistent pollutants from difficult matrix (environmental, industrial) by SPE, d-SPE methods (e.g. QuEChERS).
Additional competences of the group are the synthesis and the characterization of functionalized ceramic materials with tunable porosity (i.e.silica based, silicon carbide foams and aerogels, etc.), and their application in the removal of emerging contaminants from environmental compartments. 

Chemistry in our laboratories

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